People respond differently in a tight economy.  Everyone seems to respond differently to the pressures and everyone expects people to do things their way. There seems to be a group of individuals with half empty glasses and a few lingering brave souls with glasses half full. Many times groups include, the stay home and do nothing; occasionally a family or two will raise to the occasion and say let’s have a family night and enjoy our evening together.

I remember when we struggled at our house; I was a teenager. Mom always managed to have people over for Sunday dinner, instead of going out to eat. Popcorn an apples were a late night snack. I remember we made an extra effort to enjoy each other’s company. I think of the board games we played, SORRY, MONOPLY and occasionally a card game called Rook. I remember the laughter, the conversation, an occasional argument on who won. We really enjoyed Sun tea. Our family would spend the time together.

Trying to survive, saving your pennies, keeping your sanity requires an extra effort and going the extra mile. Someone has to make the sacrifice to plan the evening and put the ingredients together for an enjoyable night.  Yes it is true, we might need to be a servant to the people we love; knowing they may not help to organize but they  might join in on the fun if it looks exciting. You might have to wrestle the phone away or schedule a time out; no phone included. It may fail one night, but get up and try again. I’m sure someone in the household will have a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of satisfaction in their heart.

Going the extra mile has a price, most good things cost something. Pulling your family together, enjoying the evening, playing kick ball in the yard, or sitting in a lawn chair on the front porch cost so little. Give it shot, go the extra mile and receive the extra smile.