I was raised in southern Illinois in a city church, Brown Street Baptist Church. My parents took me to church and for several years I had perfect attendance. My attendance record didn’t make me a better person, but the truths I learned from great Sunday School teachers sure helped form my character.

There was a class for 4 and 5 year old; Sun Beam Department.  I learned a song and knew that Jesus wanted me for a Sunbeam. I decided I would be a sunbeam for Him, pretty important, right? The teachers taught “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world”. I can hear the song now; I’m smiling.

The first truth that comes to my mind is “God is love”. I stood on the platform with my hands in my pockets singing as loud as I could-“ God is love, God is love!” Now I stand behind the pulpit and preach “God is love, God is love”. Sometimes I even say it in an old-fashion way, enthusiastically and loud.

What does it mean, God is love? Simply, He is the source, the reservoir, and is love. All love comes from the source, and there is plenty of love for all to receive. We just need to stay connected to the source, or we will run out of love. Even though the gas prices keep climbing, I still have to go to the gas station (reservoir) to keep my vehicles from being empty. People need to keep building their relationship with the Lord God to keep the love of God flowing to their empty tanks. So often people drive by the gas station and fail to make or take the time to fill their tanks. They will stop eventually, maybe even on the side of the road, leaving what is important behind only to make a required stop. Imagine a whole family learning of God’s love and enjoying His love flowing through each individual. The family would have unity, harmony and less division and strife. It really is not hard to understand. Every individual points to Christ and aims in His direction.

The place to get help for your family concerning the love of God is the church. Put your family in your vehicle and take them for a drive to the church (gas station). Let God’s love be the FIRST TRUTH taught to your family.